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Why a certification Origine France Garantie ?

Bringing together companies, Enhancing know-how, Informing consumers

46% of consumers say they have already seen the Origine France Garantie certification on a product or an advertisement
The OFG certification gives the assurance that the product is mainly manufactured in France (83%)
The Origine France Garantie certification inspires confidence (79%)
The Origine France Garantie certification is regularly monitored by certification bodies (78%)
The Origine France Garantie certification is the only label that certifies the French origin of a product (61%)
(source: IPSOS survey June 2016)

Objective and guarantees

The certification Origine France Garantie was created in June 2010 following the publication of Yves Jego’s report on the French Brand at Nicolas Sarkozy’s request.

The certification, simple and understandable by all, is the result of a collective approach of actors who wish to work together to promote “production in France” and to promote industrial and craft know-how.

The association Pro France which ensures the promotion of Origine France Garantie is made up of company managers supporting this approach. Its objective is:

  • Give clear and precise information to the consumer on the French origin of products
  • To make known the companies which manufacture in France

The certification Origine France Garantie stands out from other labels such as “made in France“, “designed in France“, “Produced in France“… which are self-declarative and too loose.

Origine France Garantie is the only certification that certifies the French origin of a product. It is cross-cutting (all sectors combined) and indisputable (certification, mandatory, is carried out by an independent certification body).
It ensures the traceability of the product to consumers by giving a clear and objective indication of its origin.

The obtaining of the certification is done on two cumulative criteria that the companies must necessarily satisfy to obtain it:

  • Between 50% and 100% of the unit cost price is French
  • The product takes its essential characteristics in France

Who can be certified?

The use of the trademark may be requested by any company producing in France. The principle adopted is simple: at least 50% of the unit cost price (total costs to manufacture one unit of a product) is French and the product has its essential characteristics in France.

Thanks to the marking of this certification directly on consumer goods, companies have a new asset to make it known that they produce in France. It is clear, simple, easily identifiable by the consumer, it is the guarantor of the origin of the product.


Procedures and inspections

A transparent approach through certification by Bureau Veritas, Afnor, Cerib, Fcba, Sgs

1 – The company constitutes a file (information on the products concerned and their production process).

2 – The file is evaluated by the certification body.

3 – If the result of the study is positive, the certification is awarded.

4 – Within 6 months, a verification audit validates the information provided.

5 – Upon presentation of the technical review, the decision to certify is confirmed.

6 – An annual audit is planned to ensure that compliance is maintained.


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