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Frequently asked questions

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For any other question, do not hesitate to contact the association or the certification bodies

Why not ask for a 100% unit cost price (UCP) to be qualified for the certification ?

The specifications set out two cumulative requirements – both of them must be satisfied :

  • The production or manufacturing must be carried out in France (= “the product takes its essential characteristics in France”  in other words, the last transformation of the product or the packaging alone is obviously insufficient)
  • AND 50% to 100% of the unit cost price of the product are acquired in France. Insofar, “Origine France Garantie” standards are applicable to all sectors of activity. Transversal rules that are understandable and reliable for the consumer must be established.


The fact is that many sectors, industrial or craft, use materials and components that cannot come entirely from France, in particular because they are unavailable there or because they are not available in sufficient industrial quantity.


Therefore, the 50% threshold of UCP acquired is a minimum. The current situation of each sectors are taken into account as finely as possible by drawing up sectoral annexes which are discusses with professional federations. In some cases, the level or requirement is raised well above 50%.

Thus, in the agrifood sector, the sum of the specific requirements means that this level is largely exceeded and most often close to 100%.

Why did you choose the name “Origine France Garantie” ?

Origine France Garantie brand is based on rigorous standards:

  • Cross-functionality: OFG is applicable to all types of products throughout the national territory in order to help promote raw natural products, processed natural products and industrial products, including the most elaborate;
  • The effectiveness of the message: the name must be written in French and immediately understandable by an English-speaking consumer. it is the synthesis of the commitments corresponding to the specifications;
  • Adaptability: on a shared foundation, with clearly defined conditions of use, the monochrome logo must be able to be adapted to the graphic charters of the companies that use it.
What are the guarantees provided by “Origine France Garantie” ?

The guarantees are focused on the origin and place of manufacture of the products. It is therefore a certification of the French origin.

Naturally and although these are not the conditions for the award of the certification stricto sensu, the candidate for the certification undertakes to respect the social, environmental and health standards applicable.

What are the steps to obtain “Origine France Garantie” certification ?

The process is very simple.


1/ Contact Pro France association by phone or email


2/ Choose a certification body


3/ Your file is subject to an initial examination by a certifying body.


If any documents are missing, you will be contacted to help you finalize the file.


If your product meets the criteria, OFG is temporarily delivered to you until the audit.


If it does not meet the criteria, you are informed, with details of possible changes to meet the criteria.


4/ Provisional authorisation given


5/ On-site audit within 6 months to confirm the certification. Issued for 3 years.


6/ Annual follow-up audit to ensure compliance is maintained.

Which sectors of activity/products are concerned ?

All sectors of activity are concerned: industrial products, processed natural products, raw natural products.

Example :

– Industrial product: knife

– Processed natural product: cooked dish

– Raw natural product: fruit or vegetables

Which products have already been recognized as OFG ?

Do not hesitate to visit our website to find which products have already obtained the certification.

I have some products that meet the criteria, others don’t. Can I get the certification ?

You can ask OFG on products that you think meet the criteria. However, to avoid any possible confusion on the part of the consumer, the whole of the same reference must be certified.

What is the cost of the certification ?

The cost is justified by the need to finance:

1/the initial audit and the follow-up audits by the certification body

2/the collective communication on the brand, and the legal protection of the certification, both being managed by the association

The cost depends on:

  • the size of the company
  • the number of product ranges covered by the certification application
  • the number of production sites for a specific product line(s).

The cost is reduced in the case of simplified award procedures.

Any request for a quote can be made by contacting the certification bodies

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