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How to advertise to add value to your certification

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How to use the certification ?

Efficient communications on the Origine France Garantie certification offers you the opportunity to:

– increase your recognition

 – enhance your image

 – increase your sales

To achieve these goals, it is necessary to organize your communication in three steps:

  1. Announce:
  • Rethink the packaging of the concerned products: you should think how to graphically integrate the certification label on the packaging. Will the use of certification be accompanied by a message or a short tagline? You can also take this opportunity to rethink the packaging of your product as a whole. Attention, by integrating the logo Origine France Garantie, you will have to respect the communication regulations and validate your ideas by Pro France.
  • Update the communications tools of your company: you can review these tools in order to advertise the strengths of the certification of your products. Remember to announce your certification on your website, social networks, catalogs, invoices, electronic signatures, as well as on your event material.
  • Exploit direct marketing: this good news is the opportunity to launch an emailing campaign or to mail to all your customers and partners.
  • Organize an event and make press relations: by linking with our association, you can organize an official certification reception event in your factory and invite the local, professional and / or national press. You can also distribute a press release.
  1. Explain

Do not hesitate to inform or even raise your customers’ awareness to make sense of this certification:

  • Prepare an editorial to explain why you are participating in the OFG certification. It’s about valuing your approach and explaining your motivation.
  • Prepare a text to explain the certification (why, how does it work, how to get it …). It’s about giving credibility to the process.
  • Choose the media to integrate this text: on your site, commercial brochures …
  1. Enhance the value
  • Formulate an argument while integrating the notion of certification. It is important to think in terms of customer benefits. What are the arguments that can arouse the interest of a customer? Remember to inform or to even train your commercial responsibilities so that they can explain and promote the OFG label.
  • Produce and promote on your website a regular content related to the certification: talk about your suppliers (interview, portrait, report …), highlight your values, your commitments and your initiatives. In short, anchor your approach in time and prove that this certification makes sense for you, that it reflects the general philosophy of your company.


All these steps must be organized up front and adapted in time for an optimal efficiency. Your business must be able to “reap the benefits” of this new competitive advantage.


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