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Objectives and principles

What is a French product?

OFG certification aims to answer clearly only one question : what is a French product ?

Objectives and principles

The creation of Origine France Garantie answers two concerns :

  • To allow the consumer who wishes to know the origin of a product to have a clear and transparent information, and possibly to arbitrate on this criterion,
  • To allow companies wishing to enhance the maintenance, development or return of productive activities in France to do so effectively, both in the domestic and export markets.

However, unlike other fields of interest of the “ethical consumer”, no cross-certification and guaranteed certification of the origin existed in France.

Nothing like it in reference to the origin.

Mentions of the type “Made in France” do not have any character of obligation (except on certain products whose number is very limited: honey, olive oil, fruits and vegetables. ..). They suffer from multiple weaknesses, including, in some cases, unscrupulous uses of information that may mislead the consumer.
For many companies, these weaknesses largely demonetise the mention “Made in France”.

For a growing number of consumers, the misuse of the mentions of this type, that the press has often echoed, have thrown doubts on them.

This finding has led a number of professions and federations to build or plan the construction of standards specific to their professions.

The project carried by the association aims to meet these needs by creating the transversal certification that, disseminated on the maximum of products, will be more visible and more quickly known by the consumer. This broad approach must also make it possible to organize, after the experimentation and launching phase, communication operations for the brand and the products that carry it.

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